Judy Vogland work

Judy Vogland's surfaces explode with visual stories that are layered with treasures of life's journeys and their by-products. She explains, "I share tales of people known and unknown to me through my work." Vogland explores the discards of lives past and plays with secret things found. She gives artifacts a formal vigor and a new reality and often pokes fun at who we are and maybe who we hope to be.


Most recently in her five decades of art making, Judy Vogland has focused on the narrative of intimate realities from collected histories. Vogland's work opens the architecture of memory through the juxtaposition of image and abstraction, the specific and the enigmatic. She finds inspiration inside her own family and neighborhood history by embellishing and recombining situations into unique scenarios both real and imagined. Through a rigorous process of arranging and an innate sense of composition, Vogland creates compelling works that are both aesthetically beautiful and thought provoking.


Judy Vogland taught art for many years at Portland State University, Hillsboro High School, Haystack at Cannon Beach, Oregon College of Art and Craft and Sitka Center for Art and Ecology. Her MFA in painting and drawing is from Portland State University. She currently
is working full time in the studio, completes commissions and teaches workshops.

Sand Painting Workshop at the Sitka Center for Art and Ecology
Oregon Public Broadcasting, Oregon Art Beat Interview 2008